Sunday, February 12, 2012

How I work

Now that I have a pleasing composition with which to work, I begin by choosing the fabrics I want to use.

Usually, I am not very enamored with pastels.  But I believe I will need to use some to get this right.  I have very limited choices for colors in my own stash, but I happen to know somebody who loves pastels and probably has plenty.  Hint hint.  That pink color needs to be fused, but this is good because I use the release paper from the wonder under for the next step, and I need a big piece.

I cut a piece of the release paper a little larger than my original drawing.  I will be fusing my fabric to this piece.  I don't just fuse onto the drawing because the permanent marker will transfer to the back of the fabric if I do.  Learned that the hard way. 
Next, I trace the pattern pieces, using still more release paper, and then cut the pieces out.  This step requires making the decision of whether the particular piece you are cutting will go over or under the adjacent pieces.  In this case, I traced the pattern piece a little larger than the lines I drew because I intend it to go under the pieces around it.

Next I iron the pattern paper, with the pencil side down, onto the back of the pre-fused fabric.  If I ironed it pencil side up, the piece would be the mirror image of what I needed, so this step requires some mental gymnastics to remember to do it right.  
I have a pair of very sharp scissors to cut the pattern pieces from the fabric.  I'm sure I will rely on these scissors a lot when it comes time to cut out the tree pieces.
I always check to see that my borders fall where they should before I remove the backing paper and fuse the fabric down.  Sometimes things shift and if I remember to do this with the paper tracing before I cut the fabric, that's even better.  
And so, I'm off to building February's quilt.

But I want you to know that I had very little to do with this:

All I did was mention donuts in my post yesterday.  That's all it took.  My DH found a recipe for Bisquick donuts.  He made them in my electric skillet.  They are, by far, the best homemade donuts I've ever eaten.
Back to the gym tomorrow!

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