Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blue Squares Revealed

I had finished this quilt before Christmas, but forgot to share it with you all.  Isn't that funny?  I was a little preoccupied, I guess.
Anyway, I haven't put a rod pocket on the back yet because I can't decide which way is up.  And I will have to measure it and edit this post so that information is available.
This is a fully pieced quilt, the first I've ever made that way.  
I'm very pleased with in and love to feel the texture of the fabrics - which is not my usual response to a finished fused quilt.  That's the big difference between fused and pieced, as far as I'm concerned.  I could have fused this design easily, but I wanted to try piecing, just for the experience.  It was enjoyable, not as instant as a fused quilt, and it's a little bit more touchable.  But since I intend this to be a wall quilt, that touchable aspect is not very important.  


Joan said...

love the pieced sashing strips in addition to the pop of turquoise

debby said...

Just wanted to say I am glad you are back on the internet and blogging. I love your quilting style, and will enjoy following your blog along with your sister's. Also, I love your 'companion bird.'