Saturday, February 04, 2012

What Got Done During the Week

I have finished the hand, where the warm colors are concerned.  The pieces that are missing will be filled in with a different color scheme, so I am working in stages.
Since I am making this quilt for the second time, it feels a little different as I'm going along.  Or perhaps it's because I'm a little out of practice.  The sense of solving a puzzle or discovering something new isn't driving me.  I'm still pleased with the results so far, but it does feel different.  
So today I'm gonna push hard and try to finish the top.  I still have the goal of making 1 quilt a month,  and it's already 4 days into February! Yikes!

Here is a picture that is inspiring February's quilt:

There's just something about a winter sunrise.  I have always loved to see the colors through the trees.  I'm already designing the next quilt in my head.


Melody Johnson said...

Great Sunrise! You have such a great view, and I love the top so far.

Akiko said...

What a gorgeous picture!!! Would you post more of the pics from your window time to time? I would love that. Are you going to make this pic into quilt? That will be amazing!