Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Almost Finished

As you can see, I have finished filling in the pieces for this quilt top.  It is also fused to quilt batting, but I stopped there to concentrate on February's quilt.  I will return to this quilt to put the back on and quilt it, but for now I am moving on.

Some of you may recognize this quilt as this is the second time I'm made it.  This one is smaller than the previous, and the color scheme is different.  I have also added dots and circles to this one, to add a little movement and interest.

All in all I'm very pleased with this quilt.  It feels good to be back at work at something I can put myself into.


Akiko said...

Wow. Wow.. That's what I just said when I just opened your blog. It's beautiful. I love the colors. I liked the original one and I liked this one, too.

BeadBag said...

This is a lovely design. Love to see the finished quilt.