Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Results Show

Well, I sat down to do the obligatory bit of quilting before I moved onto something more "fun," and just couldn't bring myself to continue torturing myself with the concentric circles.  I decided to test out my favorite quilting style, which I call MEWE on a small, insignificant corner.

Change of plans!

It was so easy and so fun that I just kept going and kept going and never did design any 3D cute projects.  Now I'm very excited to quilt this huge quilt; not dreading it at all.  And by the time I'm done, I will be a pro at MEWE quilting.

Chloe is the best companion bird.  A bit of a distraction, actually,  but she's so sweet.

A note about the audition:  We arrived an hour before my daughter's appointment time, and she spent the time warming up and psyching herself up.  When they called her name, she went into the audition room, sang her piece as well as she could hope, with no knees knocking, and came out feeling like she got in.  I think we'll find out in about a month.  I'll let you know!

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Fabric Fanatic said...

While I don't have a bird, it does appear that a bird is the perfect accompaniment to any photo opportunity of your latest work. (which by the way is very exciting and I can't wait til we get a picture of the whole thing).