Saturday, January 14, 2012


Yesterday at work, I had some down time, so I surfed some of the sites that I find inspirational.  Of course, I always look at fibermania.  Need to find out what my sister is up to.  Then I really like looking at Geninne's Art Blog.  I love her birds.  Then I clicked over to the Craftzine blog.  I usually find lots of inspiration on that site.  Sometimes I will surf over to Cuteable, too.  And of course, Pinterest and Etsy are always full of good ideas.  You will notice that, besides my sister's blog, none of these are specifically art quilt sites.  I don't find many of those inspiring, I don't know why.
But at some point, the inspiration hit critical mass.  I was stricken with this condition I call the "Urgent Need to Create."  So, after hitting the gym, filling up on caffeine and doing the minimal amount of needed housework, I am headed into the studio.  I need to make some progress on the current quilt, but I need to finish something small, too.  I get these fits where I need to make something 3D and cute.  Not sure what will happen.  Sometimes, I am too ambitious and wind up frustrated.  I hope that doesn't happen today.
Also, I don't have all day.  My daughter is going to Murfreesboro today to audition for Governor's School, which is an opportunity to study in her field for several weeks this summer - all expenses paid.  Fingers crossed!
But that means I have to cut is short after about 3 hours.  That should be enough.  If I'm not interrupted too much.  DH is bird watching.  Should be good.
OK,  go!

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Melody Johnson said...

Best Wishes for Glory, and good on you too, for all the energy I see happening.