Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Wasabi Scarf

Many of you have asked me for the pattern for this scarf and I have been a bit stumped as to how to get it to you. 
I found this picture on Pinterest, so if you would like to become a member of pinterest and follow me, you can look at my Crochet board, find the picture (or pin), and follow the links there.
Or, I can tell you it is from a site called One Flew Over.  You can Google that and see if the blog comes up.
Or, better yet, you can look for it on Ravelry.  I believe the user's name on Ravelry is One Flew Over and the scarf is called the Wasabi Scarf.  That is assuming you have a Ravelry account.  I do and my user name is Brookebethany.

It's complicated, isn't it?  That's why I hesitated to tell you: I couldn't figure out the easiest way.  But I have been enjoying crocheting this scarf, a couple of rows when I get time, and I know it will be beautiful when it is finished.

Speaking of finished: the latest quilt got completed!  I still can't get a good picture of it, but that should be coming soon as we are moving into our new place any minute now! 
Can I take a nap now?
So as soon as I figure out which way is up, I'll be posting a picture of the new quilt and the furnished new home, too.  That is, if we can get the internet hooked up speedily.  As my husband needs a fast internet connection for his work, we should be hooked up pretty soon.  Keep fingers crossed!


Melody Johnson said...

The scarf is here:

Akiko said...

Where is the photo of yours?
How's the house? Miss you!

Urs said...

Just saw your link for the scarf, thank you.

Urs said...

Just saw the link for the scarf pattern. Thank you :)