Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Interior Shots

Stop me if you've seen these pictures before.  Some of them my sister also posted.

Melody brought Mojo Burritos for lunch and we picnicked in my new dining room.  Delicious!

Those chairs are going to wind up in my new living room, however, along with the tv table she brought me.

This is the view from the balcony.  It's an old oak tree covered with acorns.  We will attract plenty of birds here with our feeders.

I am loving my new kitchen!


Urs said...

Is that you or your sister hiding behind that cup ;)

Have fund decorating your new place.

Melody Johnson said...

If anyone needs an extra chin, I have one to give away...

Akiko said...

Really nice!! Nice big kitchen. Wished I had as much cabinet as you do!

Akiko said...

Really nice place! Wished my kitchen is as big as yours!