Monday, October 03, 2011

A Happy Long Weekend

And yet, I feel very guilty for not working on my quilt since last Thursday!

Friday I came home from work and I was very blur.

Saturday, my daughter and some friends from church and I went down to Atlanta to see Wicked. Wonderful!

Sunday I was even more blur than Friday night.

And now it's Monday morning, and I have to go to work, and I feel guilty. Ah well, it will sharpen my resolve to get into the studio tonight (despite the housework I left unfinished all weekend long) and put some quality time into that quilt!

Let me distract you with a picture of my delicious breakfast:

Macintosh apple, sharp cheddar and roasted almonds with chai tea latte made with almond milk. So good!

And let me further distract you by saying that Sunday was not totally wasted. I woke up, turned on the computer, and there in my email is a request to purchase two of my quilts.

Ojos de Dios

African Violets

Just when I was thinking the feeding frenzy was over, I had another sale. I'm so excited! Must get back to work!


Akiko said...


And I like your breakfast. I am going to copy you. And I am going to be feeling like YOU.

LynneP said...

Congrats on selling two of your quilts. Happy dance going on now! It is so nice for our work to be validated in this way.