Thursday, September 29, 2011


Actually, I didn't feel much like working last night. But I made myself do it anyway. Again, I worked for about a half hour, and got much accomplished. I find these quickie sessions help to make me feel like my life is about something other than just going to work and coming home every day. I especially like to encourage myself with my progress from the night before while I'm at work the next day.

Anyway, I have changed to orange thread.

I got about halfway done with the orange blocks before my brain started sending me warnings. So, instead of pushing, I just quit for the night. Then I ironed the quilt, again.

There is a tactile difference with this quilt - because it is pieced - that I particularly enjoy when I am ironing it. It just feels so yummy!


Chris said...

Your first paragraph really hit home - like you, even a little quilting makes me think that I have a value beyond the stuff that I do for everyone else!

Those 15-30 minute sessions really add up to satisfying project.

Love the colors - keep up the good work! All the best - Chris

Melody Johnson said...

So close to being finished. woowoo!

Colleen said...

I worked all my life and know what you're feeling about being tired when you get home from work, but it's so rewarding to spend some time by yourself and do something that you enjoy.

This is a gorgeous quilt!! Will you be trying the QAYG method on a future quilt?? I just finished a quilt that I used that method and I don't know if I'll ever quilt the "traditional" way again.

Anyway, glad you're back in you "studio" creating again :)

Brooke said...

I think my next quilt will be a fused quilt, Colleen, as I seem to be bursting with ideas, and they are all fused ideas. But I do intend to become familiar with QAYG eventually. I have a fairly large fused quilt that is a bit daunting to think about quilting - and it may be the last time I let myself get into that situation. We'll see.

HollyM said...

The orange, pink and turquoise quilt is just stunning!
although I'm not working now, those little sessions at night were what kept me sane. I was happy even if i only sewed a few seams. I felt like I had done something creative in the day.