Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top Finished

After having a run-around morning, I had several hours all afternoon to work on the quilt.
I finished to branches on the right side of the tree and then had the daunting task of cutting the pattern for the "crown" or top of the tree.

I wont lie to you; it took me about 45 minutes to cut this out, and I wasn't even done then!  I still had plenty of little fiddly bits to go in and remove.  But it wasn't an unpleasant thing to do.  I was listening to NPR podcasts and just working away.  

And then, suddenly, as if by magic, I had the fabric piece cut out and the tree was finished.

Just kidding.  That took a long time, too.  

Then I ran into a problem.

Without thinking about the consequences, I fused every branch all the way down to the pattern.  I could have just fused the branch to the trunk, but I just had to see how close I was to the original drawing.  And then, when it came time to transfer the fabric to the quilt, it frayed as I was pulling it up from the backing paper.  I had to go REAL SLOW, and then I had to trim some of the frayed bits away.  Live and learn.

But all is well that ends well.  And now I just have to put a back on it and quilt it.  
I had a fuzzy intention of making a quilt every month, but now I have two quilt tops that are unfinished and I think I will readjust my goal and try to finish both by the end of this month.

My cousin Celeste asked a question in yesterday's post:

What kind of fabric are you using for the sun rays that makes it appear transparent? I love that effect.

I am using all hand-dyed fabrics by Melody Johnson, of course.  These are getting to be in short supply, so I will be making my own very soon.  But it's merely a matter of using lighter values that gives the look of transparency.  


Elizabeth Bennett said...

Love how this quilt has come along, and I'm so happy you're over the spot of being under the weather!

Melody Johnson said...


Akiko said...

Wow wow...
I love Love LOVE the tree!!