Sunday, February 19, 2012

WIP Update

I have been very diligent all week, getting up an hour early to work on this quilt every day.  As you can see, I have almost completely filled in the swirly clouds.  I had to wait a bit for my sister to make a visit to town and bring me some more lovely pastels, which have been added and are exactly what I needed.  But I was thinking the finishing of the top would take place this weekend.

And here it is, Sunday night, and I haven't been in the studio all weekend!  I guess my goal is not going to  be reached, what with Downton Abbey coming up in a couple hours and I still have some laundry to do.
But probably this week will see me completing at least the sky, if not the whole top.

Not being a big pastel loving person, I sure am pleased with the colors in this quilt.  I guess there is a time and a place for every color, right?

I'm also thinking this quilt would be excellent made large.  Right now it's about 18x24."  Manageable, but not too dramatic.  I just may be making this again.

This is a partial explanation why nothing got done this weekend.  My daughter's school put on this production, only 1 in 4 schools in the nation chosen by Disney to perform it.  And she was in the musical, of course.  So we have been to see it every night.  It was wonderful, the cast and everyone did a great job, but I will be glad for my daughter to get her life back.  It was a ton of work!  But worth every minute.

Here's a bird picture:
Chloe blending into the background, almost.


Melody Johnson said...

Your quilt is looking fabulous. Pastels rule!

Akiko said...

Wow. Really really nice! I cannot wait to see all other colors you are going to put onto this quilt!