Sunday, January 29, 2012

Progress, and an Unintentional Obscene Gesture

Well, I'm building this quilt onto a sheet of wonder under release paper on top of the pattern, which is also drawn on wonder under release paper.  I spent some hours at it, working slowly and deliberately, Saturday morning, but then I had to step away.  I knew the minute I put that first pink finger joint in that I was going to wind up photographing my quilt being obscene.  Sorry about that.

I set a goal to lose 5 pounds this month, and despite the couch potato episode yesterday, I made my goal!  I'm so happy.  I've never been successful losing weight before, but then I've never really tried.  Not really.
If I can continue to lose 5 pounds a month, I can lose 60 pounds in a year, which is more than my goal, but would be fantastic.  I know it's going to get harder.  

My other goal is to produce a quilt once a month for which I can also produce a pattern in case someone wishes to make that quilt.  I made this decision probably 5 days ago, and so I'm running a little behind for getting this current quilt finished before the end of the month, I think.  We'll see.  But I spent some time sketching for next month's quilt.  Plus I'm still working on quilting the big quilt.  
See?  I should just quit my job now because I'm too busy to go to work!

Wouldn't that be nice?


Melody Johnson said...

The colors look great on your start and nice work on losing that 5 pounds. My guess is it will start rolling off in a shorter time than you think.

Elizabeth Bennett said...

Wow! I really like where this quilt is going. Colors and design both have me wanting to see more! And congrats on the weight loss! Five pounds a month sounds like a reasonable goal and I think I'll use that as well!