Friday, November 11, 2011

No Internet!

I apologize for the lapse in my blogging; we don't have internet yet at my new home.  I sit and browse the internet fairly regularly during my downtime at work, but somehow I just feel guilty if I spend time blogging. 

Nevertheless, I am beginning to feel uncomfortable about the time lapsing since I last blogged, and decided to just quickly post a note to my readers.  I will return soon!  We are trying to get fiber optics, but the company that supplies it is trying to bully our complex into signing an agreement giving them a monopoly on the premises, and the management wont agree.  So we will probably wind up getting cable pretty soon.  So stupid.  One is better than none, right? 

Anyway, the unpacking continues apace, and this weekend I will be going with my sister to Ikea to get some furniture we are missing.  (Woowoo)  She just called to inform me that she intends to spend some money on me as my birthday is coming up, and also because she is so excited at how nice our new place is and wants to see us have nice things.

Did I mention she is my fairy godmother?

So, watch this space for pictures and new excitingness as soon as I can get online at home!

Also, I can't upload pictures while I'm at work.  Drat.


Fabric Fanatic said...

That's okay Bethany, take your time, we'll be over here, really, no hurry....we are, if anything, able to amuse ourselves while you move house and get settled.

Marina Louw said...

I can imagine the frustration wihtout internet - hope you can get back online soon. I wish I had a fairy godmother like your sister LOL - enyoy the shopping!

Fabric Fanatic said...

Hope that you are settling in fine and that you will be back with us soon. I am excited to see what you have been up to.