Thursday, October 13, 2011


If you read my sister's blog, you may already know this story. Let me fill in the details.

Tuesday night, my husband met up with some of his work friends and my daughter and I had to go to a performance at her school. My husband got home before us, and this is what he found:

Apparently, a hose that attaches to the toilet in my daughter's bathroom broke, and had been spraying water inside the house for...well, hours, we think.

Mostly it sprayed inside the linen closet, so all of our towels were drenched. But there were some other things being stored in that closet (storage is at a premium in our little house) - things like a vaio laptop and other electronic things that don't like water.

Yeah. Not good.

Outside this bathroom door is a shelf that is a pantry space for my kitchen. The bottom half got drenched. Mostly things are stored in plastic bins, but I had just bought a bag of whole wheat flour that I hadn't put in a bin yet...
and the bottom shelf was all books.

Well, I stayed home Wednesday and did 3 loads of laundry and threw lots of stuff out. Then I cleared off the kitchen table and stood about 25 books up so they could dry out. My husband is going to go get the wet/dry vac this afternoon and vacuum out the floor vent, which is full of water.

Lots of fun.

Luckily, my studio - which is next door - suffered no damage whatsoever.

Seeking comfort after a long, wet day, I decided to start a new crochet project. Like I have time.

I am NOT making this color. Imagine a rich, fuzzy teal yarn. Then imagine me working on the current quilt. That is gonna happen soon.


Marina Louw said...

I am sorry to hear about the flood - hope you manage to get all your stuff dry soon and that you can start quilting again soon!

Chris said...

Two weeks ago, a very similar situation happened at our house. The toilet overflowed (clean water, thank God) for only an hour, but it was a MESS.

That said, your post was FAR more entertaining than mine(love the pictures!)

And I completely understand the need to crochet something warm and secure. I am finishing up the clean up today (carpenters and carpet cleaners in for one last repair) then maybe I can start quilting again too! Take care - Chris

Melody Johnson said...

Very cute post. you have a great sense of humor in the midst of disaster. Is that a fortune cookie message? ha!

Urs said...

Sorry to hear about your flood. That same happened to us too.
I like that scarf. To me it looks like it is knitted? Is that pattern someplace on the web? I would like to make it.

Colleen said...

Yes, I read on Melody's blog about your "flood"!! How awful!! I can't even imagine the mess :) Isn't this a rental house? Is the owner responsible for repairs??

I didn't know that you crocheted!! YAY!! I know Melody is a knitter, but I never got into that. My mother always crocheted so that's what she taught me. Looking forward to seeing some bloggy things on crochet as well as quilts...when you get a chance, that is :)

Keep your chin'll be fine .

Gale said...

Good luck with your move and congratulations! I would also like to know if the pattern for the scarf is available somewhere? either for sale or for free - I really like it and was surprised it was crocheted and not knitted.