Saturday, October 08, 2011


Embarrassed, chagrined. I can't believe it's been since Tuesday that I have blogged! It is my intention to be more regular than that. I know how I feel when I find a blog that is inspiring. I want new content regularly!

Well, and I have had such a week. At least 3 days out of 5 I have come home with my brain flat lining. I mean totally brain dead. Usually my job is not that taxing, but whooey! Let's just say I had a very stressful and complicated project that took several days to complete. I don't expect that will happen that way again, but who knows?

In the meantime, I did get some quilting in. I have finished the pink thread, and there is only the yellow before I go onto the turquoise border. My goal is for that to happen this weekend, but I may have bit off more than I can chew. I also am intending to sort my clothes and make a very large donation. There's just so much that I don't wear anymore, and I can't find the stuff I do wear! Closets and dressers and even boxes are overflowing. So I am going to tackle that today.

Of course, while I'm donating clothes, I will be doing a bit of shopping to see if there's anything I need to replace...


Colleen said...

I remember how it was when I worked full-time...NEVER enough time to relax!! Don't worry about it...we'll just keep checking back in with you :)

I did a closet purge this spring just before Easter. I had 3 closets FULL of work clothes! I've been retired for 3 years and none of those clothes have seen the light of day in all that time. I took 4 HUGE bags to our local thrift shop that supports the animal shelter. I made sure I got all that stuff there a couple weeks before Easter because there was so many skirts and blouses that I thought someone could use for Easter. Anyway...I still have a large tote in the attic that will be going soon that's full of other work clothes. It's a job getting it all sorted but I'm so glad to be rid of it :)

Melody Johnson said...

O I don't have nearly the same excuse. I just knit, on the deck in the warmth, and nothing else. One more sleeve to go...and I will be back to a normal routine.