Saturday, January 28, 2012

Early in the Morning, Late at Night

Sometimes it seems like I'm living my chosen life at the fringes of the day.  My husband has to get up at an ungodly hour each morning, and I can't help but lay there after he's left for work, and think that I should get up and do something productive.  So, I head into the studio.  Or the gym.  Sometimes I make it to the gym.  Occasionally, I will have time for both the studio and the gym.  Those are good days.  

I'm making slow progress on the quilting of this quilt.  Every black sectioned finished makes me so happy.   
And sometimes, I have just enough energy after a full day of work and making dinner for my family to squeeze out some time in the studio in the evening.  There are more distractions at this time, what with 2 humans and 3 birds, but they are learning to leave me to work.

This is the newest project I'm working on while I'm trying to get the big quilt quilted.  It is a redux of a quilt I made  years ago, called Release.  It is smaller and I intend to change the color scheme up, but it is particularly appropriate for me to be working on something like this; it reminds me that there is peace in truly releasing the anxiety-producing items in our lives.  

Everybody loves my cooking.


Melody Johnson said...

Ha! That bird!

debby said...

That is funny! When I had chickens they LOVED pasta. I always thought it was because it looked like worms.