Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

I am happy to report that the clothing donation went as planned. I filled 2 large yard garbage bags with clothes from my dresser and my closet and brought it all down to the resale center. Now all the clothes I have fit and are ones I actually want.
Funny thing is, even when I had removed everything, my dresser and my closet were full. And this before I did all the laundry. Oh dear, I have too many clothes.

While I was working, I kept finding things that needed my attention. More and more things were shouting for me to do something about them that I became quite distracted and overwhelmed. I decided that next weekend will be family clean the house day. I can't do it all myself. But I did make great strides towards getting some of it done.

And, instead of working on the current quilt, I attached the rod pocket onto the quilt I sold last week so I can actually mail it out today.

This working on a quilt in bits and pieces is really such a different mindset from how I used to work: keep at it until it was done. This is testing my patience. But better to work a little at a time than not at all, right? I'll settle into a rhythm. Perhaps setting a schedule would be better for me.


Colleen said...

Getting rid of clutter and emptying closets IS work...I know...I've done it several times since we moved 4 years ago. When you get "settled", you'll have more time to yourself and be able to work on what you you want :) At least, you have a start on decluttering.

Melody Johnson said...

So proud of you. On all counts.