Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Checklist

1. Laundry: Check.  Did some.
2. Dishes: Check.  Did some.  Not that you could tell if you went into my kitchen.
3. Sketch: Check.  Did that.  Not satisfied with results, but will keep working.
4. Crochet: Check.  Did 2 rows at least.  The scarf is looking real good.
5. Quilt: Check.  Finished yellow, started turquoise.  Woowoo!

6. Decide to move into an apartment closer to town: Check.

More on that later.  With pictures!  Woowoo, again!


Colleen said...

Moving?? Anxious to see what you've come up with :) more floods!!

Akiko said...

I like this! Do this again, please! Why I like this list? I cannot explain...but please do it again!